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Welcome to, a resource serving all trades of the Cannabis Extraction business. Within the pages of, you will find numerous tools and materials to assist you in your endeavors within the Extraction business, from the technical side of Extracting and Post Processing to sales and distribution – and everything in between. is dedicated to empowering the Extraction segment through the dissemination of comprehensive, current and relevant information. Dive right in by exploring some of our content featured below!

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Tips on Starting a Cannabis Extraction Business

When compared to many other cannabis-based businesses, starting a cannabis extraction operation is an expensive and complex proposition that can quickly become overwhelming. However, with these key steps outlined below, you will learn where and how to start an extraction business.

Startup Costs for a Cannabis Oil Extraction Business

While some may have initial sticker shock with the costs of an extraction lab, the prospective upside is massive. Also, according to Tennant, “There is simply no shortcut for building a safe, compliant and efficient lab. The prudent entrepreneur is well aware of the competition, and proper planning and investment is the best way to lower risk.”